BUSR's wagering system accepts wagers from $1.00 to $1,000.00, subject to host track restrictions.
In the case of multiple wagers, such as a Daily Double or Exacta box, the base wager is multiplied by the number of combinations to determine the amount of the total wager.
If a customer wishes to place more than $1,000 on a specific wager, then multiple bets can be made for the same horse at the same racetrack.
Please see the horse betting rules section in the clubhouse for details.

Full track odds are paid on most popular wagers although there are maximum payouts for certain types of wagers. BUSR provides non-parimutuel wagering on horses. Please see the horse betting rules section in the Club House for more details.

Please allow for a few minutes for any wager to be settled once the game is complete. Game results sometimes take longer than expected to report the official results. This can happen when betting on racetracks that are not located in the US.

We are working hard to offer live video for our clients. Once we have it available, our Customer Service team will reach out and let you know.

BUSR offers a full menu of horse racing betting options from straight wagers (Win, Place and Show) to your exotic wagers (Exactas, Trifectas, Pick 3/4s, Superfectas and Daily Doubles). Learn how to bet on horses HERE

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