If you have any questions regarding taxes in your state or country, we recommend you speak to a tax specialist in your area.

BUSR does not submit information about your account to any tax authority or Government agency.

Depositing funds to your account is very easy. You can use any of the following deposit methods:

    • MasterCard, VISA Credit or Debit Cards.
    • Cryptocurrencies using Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.
    • Ethereum
    • Person to Person Money Transfer.

All you need to do is log in to your account and go to the Cashier section. Select your deposit method and fill out the form with the information requested.

If you try and make a deposit and you get a pre-approved message, this means that your card is accepted to be used on our website, but it was not approved by your bank. In many cases your bank has reached out to you to verify the transaction. Once you have approved it we recommend you submit the deposit again.

Please contact our Customer Service at 1-844-444-BUSR (1-844-444-2877) so we can determine what would be the best way to process your deposit successfully.

BUSR accepts all major credit cards including American Express, VISA and MasterCard. We recommend our customers make deposits with crypto currency (like Bitcoin) because it allows us to pass the savings to you with larger bonuses. Occasionally, certain deposit methods may be suspended for a limited period of time. You will always be able to see your options when you login to your account and go to the cashier.

BUSR works with processors around the world to get the best rates for the fees that we are charged so that we can pass along the savings to our members. If you have a foreign transaction on your credit card and you are not sure what it is for, please contact BUSR and we will be happy to assist you.

All Sports Free Play Bonuses are credited instantly once you complete your deposit as long as you add the required promo-code. Your Free Play balance is located at ‘My Account’.

Add a selection to your Bet Ticket in the Sportsbook section. Enter your bet amount and select the ‘Use Free Play’ option. Click ‘Place Bet’ and confirm your wager.

After you have sent the money and you have informed us of the confirmation number it normally takes between 30 and 45 minutes for the transfer to be confirmed and credited to your account. Please take into account that during busy days this time can be longer.
If you want to use this method, we recommend you to complete the transfer as soon as possible.

The Payments Processing services we use have a limit in the number of deposits any customer can do on a daily, weekly and month basis. These limitations depend on the time you have been an active customer, the number and amount of deposits as well as the verification status of your account.

Using your card may not be the best option some times. This is why we have enabled other methods for you to make a deposit.

Don't want to be charged any payout fees? Bitcoin is a recommended method and is free!

Any fee charged is coming from a payment provider. We do our best to offer a variety of quick and efficient payout options for our customers. For an up to-date list of our payout options and fees, please check the Cashier page of our website.

Cryptocurrency can be explained a digital cash for the Internet. It works the same as any other currency, like Dollars, Pounds, Euros, etc. The main difference is that a cryptocurrency can only be spent digitally. You can send and receive cryptocurrency, but you would need to exchange it for USD to cash out. Just like you can receive British Pounds while in the US. But to spend it, you would need to exchange it for USD.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash are popular cryptocurrencies that you can use to fund your Racing account.

In order to receive a payout via Bitcoin you will need to have an active Bitcoin Wallet first. This works as an account where you can send and receive Bitcoin, as well as keep track of all the transactions you have made.

Once you have your Bitcoin wallet up and working. All you need to do is generate an address for us to send you your funds. The payout takes 48 hours to be reviewed and authorized, then there is a need to wait for any further and we will send you your winnings free of charge.

To open a Bitcoin Wallet you can visit one of several popular and trusted sites in the US. For example, you can open your wallet at or But, there are many others you can use.

Please take into account that in order to have your Wallet active and ready to receive funds you need to verify your data with these sites. This is done in a similar way to how you certify your account with us. Be sure to have completed this process before requesting your Bitcoin payout.

We have several methods you can use to withdraw your winnings:
Please take into account that fees may vary depending on the amount. The fees detailed above are the minimum for each method.

MethodAmountFeesTime Frame
International Bank Wire$100- $500$15Review: 2 business days + 5 to 7 business days to process
$500.01- $5,000$35
Bitcoin$25 – $5,000Free3 Business Days Total (2-days for Internal review and 1-day Processing time)

Remember that you need to have your account properly verified and to have completed the conditions of any bonus you may have taken before requesting a payout.

You can request a payout every 7 days using the same method. You can have a payout using one method, and another one using another method.

The exception to this is the Bitcoin as a payout option. We will need the usual 48 hours to review and authorize the request. However, once this is done the payout will be completed.

With the exception of Bitcoin, the payout methods have a fee depending on the amount withdrawn. They go from a minimum of $5 to more than that depending on the Payout method and the amount. These fees come from the US Financial System. We process a large number of transactions on a daily basis, so we are able to get a lower fee than what is usually charged for this kind of transaction.

Once you have submitted your information and it has been authorized by the Payouts Department it will take between 5 and 7 business days to be credited to your bank account.

If you feel that this timeframe has been met, please contact our Customer Service department.
Please take into account that it is not possible for us to send wire transfers to Credit Unions or Federal Banks.

Returning your deposit to your Credit or Debit Card is not a option we offer. We can send it to your bank account, but we need the number and routing details to be able to process it.

International Bank Wires sometimes are charged an extra fee by your bank. The amount charged can vary, but this can happen. If this happens to you please send us your bank statement where we can see the detail and the amount charged. We will credit this amount to your BUSR account.

In order to collect your winnings, you need to log in and go to the Cashier section. Here you need to click on Payouts, the options available will be here. Enter how much you want to request followed by selecting the payout method. Additional information may be required depending on the method you chose.

Our Payments Department will receive your request and start working on it. Payouts are processed during Monday through Friday. They will keep you updated in the process and let you know of the process status. If there is any information missing they will reach out to you. Please pay attention to your email inbox or phone.

BUSR pays the same odds as the Track does for Straight Bets ( Win, Place, and Show ); but, the maximum amount paid out is limited for Exotic Bets. This payout depends on the track category and bet type. You can see these details in the Horse FAQ section in the Support section at the Club House when you are logged in.

If you still think there is an error, please contact our Customer Service department.

The payout for the Straight Bets ( Win, Place, and Show ) are the same as the track reports. For exotic wagers, BUSR pays track odds up to a fixed-odds max amount. This depends on the Track Category and on the bet type. You can see these details in the Horse FAQ section in the Support section at the Club House when you are logged in.

The minimum bet amount for exotic wagers are $0.10. You can check these limits when you are placing your bet. They are in the lower section of the Horse Betting interface.

The following card fees for using your prepaid, credit, or debit card when you make a deposit:

  • MasterCard: 4.9% Recommended
  • VISA: 6%

BUSR waives all fees on your first deposit as a welcome gift

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