NBA Schedule

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2023-24 NBA Schedule

4/17:00 PMBoston CelticsCharlotte HornetsSpectrum Center
4/17:00 PMMemphis GrizzliesDetroit PistonsLittle Caesars Arena
4/17:00 PMBrooklyn NetsIndiana PacersGainbridge Fieldhouse
4/17:00 PMPortland Trail BlazersOrlando MagicAmway Center
4/18:00 PMAtlanta HawksChicago BullsUnited Center
4/18:00 PMPhoenix SunsNew Orleans PelicansSmoothie King Center
4/27:00 PMOklahoma City ThunderPhiladelphia 76ersWells Fargo Center
4/27:00 PMLos Angeles LakersToronto RaptorsScotiabank Arena
4/27:00 PMMilwaukee BucksWashington WizardsCapital One Arena
4/27:30 PMGolden State WarriorsDallas MavericksAmerican Airlines Center
4/27:30 PMNew York KnicksMiami HeatKaseya Center
4/28:00 PMHouston RocketsMinnesota TimberwolvesTarget Center
4/29:00 PMSan Antonio SpursDenver NuggetsBall Arena
4/29:00 PMCleveland CavaliersUtah JazzDelta Center
4/210:00 PMLos Angeles ClippersSacramento KingsGolden 1 Center
4/37:00 PMPortland Trail BlazersCharlotte HornetsSpectrum Center
4/37:00 PMLos Angeles LakersWashington WizardsCapital One Arena
4/37:30 PMDetroit PistonsAtlanta HawksState Farm Arena
4/37:30 PMOklahoma City ThunderBoston CelticsTD Garden
4/37:30 PMIndiana PacersBrooklyn NetsBarclays Center
4/37:30 PMMemphis GrizzliesMilwaukee BucksFiserv Forum
4/38:00 PMToronto RaptorsMinnesota TimberwolvesTarget Center
4/38:00 PMOrlando MagicNew Orleans PelicansSmoothie King Center
4/310:00 PMCleveland CavaliersPhoenix SunsFootprint Center
4/47:30 PMPhiladelphia 76ersMiami HeatKaseya Center
4/47:30 PMSacramento KingsNew York KnicksMadison Square Garden (IV)
4/48:00 PMGolden State WarriorsHouston RocketsToyota Center
4/410:00 PMDenver NuggetsLos Angeles Arena
4/57:00 PMOrlando MagicCharlotte HornetsSpectrum Center
4/57:00 PMOklahoma City ThunderIndiana PacersGainbridge Fieldhouse
4/57:00 PMPortland Trail BlazersWashington WizardsCapital One Arena
4/57:30 PMSacramento KingsBoston CelticsTD Garden
4/58:00 PMNew York KnicksChicago BullsUnited Center
4/58:00 PMMiami HeatHouston RocketsToyota Center
4/58:00 PMDetroit PistonsMemphis GrizzliesFedEx Forum
4/58:00 PMToronto RaptorsMilwaukee BucksFiserv Forum
4/58:00 PMSan Antonio SpursNew Orleans PelicansSmoothie King Center
4/58:30 PMAtlanta HawksDallas MavericksAmerican Airlines Center
4/510:00 PMMinnesota TimberwolvesPhoenix SunsFootprint Center
4/510:30 PMUtah JazzLos Angeles Arena
4/63:30 PMCleveland CavaliersLos Angeles Arena
4/67:00 PMDetroit PistonsBrooklyn NetsBarclays Center
4/68:00 PMPhiladelphia 76ersMemphis GrizzliesFedEx Forum
4/69:00 PMAtlanta HawksDenver NuggetsBall Arena
4/73:30 PMHouston RocketsDallas MavericksAmerican Airlines Center
4/73:30 PMCleveland CavaliersLos Angeles Arena
4/75:00 PMMiami HeatIndiana PacersGainbridge Fieldhouse
4/76:00 PMPortland Trail BlazersBoston CelticsTD Garden
4/76:00 PMOklahoma City ThunderCharlotte HornetsSpectrum Center
4/76:00 PMChicago BullsOrlando MagicAmway Center
4/76:00 PMNew Orleans PelicansPhoenix SunsFootprint Center
4/76:00 PMWashington WizardsToronto RaptorsScotiabank Arena
4/77:00 PMNew York KnicksMilwaukee BucksFiserv Forum
4/77:00 PMPhiladelphia 76ersSan Antonio SpursAT&T Center
4/77:30 PMSacramento KingsBrooklyn NetsBarclays Center
4/78:30 PMUtah JazzGolden State WarriorsChase Center
4/710:00 PMMinnesota TimberwolvesLos Angeles Arena
4/97:00 PMDallas MavericksCharlotte HornetsSpectrum Center
4/97:00 PMDetroit PistonsPhiladelphia 76ersWells Fargo Center
4/97:00 PMIndiana PacersToronto RaptorsScotiabank Arena
4/97:30 PMMiami HeatAtlanta HawksState Farm Arena
4/97:30 PMBoston CelticsMilwaukee BucksFiserv Forum
4/98:00 PMNew York KnicksChicago BullsUnited Center
4/98:00 PMOrlando MagicHouston RocketsToyota Center
4/98:00 PMSan Antonio SpursMemphis GrizzliesFedEx Forum
4/98:00 PMWashington WizardsMinnesota TimberwolvesTarget Center
4/98:00 PMSacramento KingsOklahoma City ThunderPaycom Center
4/99:00 PMDenver NuggetsUtah JazzDelta Center
4/910:00 PMGolden State WarriorsLos Angeles Arena
4/910:00 PMLos Angeles ClippersPhoenix SunsFootprint Center
4/910:00 PMNew Orleans PelicansPortland Trail BlazersModa Center
4/107:00 PMMemphis GrizzliesCleveland CavaliersRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
4/107:30 PMCharlotte HornetsAtlanta HawksState Farm Arena
4/107:30 PMToronto RaptorsBrooklyn NetsBarclays Center
4/107:30 PMDallas MavericksMiami HeatKaseya Center
4/108:00 PMOrlando MagicMilwaukee BucksFiserv Forum
4/108:00 PMSan Antonio SpursOklahoma City ThunderPaycom Center
4/1010:00 PMMinnesota TimberwolvesDenver NuggetsBall Arena
4/1010:30 PMPhoenix SunsLos Angeles Arena
4/117:00 PMChicago BullsDetroit PistonsLittle Caesars Arena
4/117:30 PMNew York KnicksBoston CelticsTD Garden
4/119:00 PMHouston RocketsUtah JazzDelta Center
4/1110:00 PMGolden State WarriorsPortland Trail BlazersModa Center
4/1110:00 PMNew Orleans PelicansSacramento KingsGolden 1 Center
4/127:00 PMOrlando MagicPhiladelphia 76ersWells Fargo Center
4/127:00 PMChicago BullsWashington WizardsCapital One Arena
4/127:30 PMCharlotte HornetsBoston CelticsTD Garden
4/127:30 PMIndiana PacersCleveland CavaliersRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
4/127:30 PMBrooklyn NetsNew York KnicksMadison Square Garden (IV)
4/128:00 PMLos Angeles LakersMemphis GrizzliesFedEx Forum
4/128:00 PMToronto RaptorsMiami HeatKaseya Center
4/128:00 PMAtlanta HawksMinnesota TimberwolvesTarget Center
4/128:00 PMMilwaukee BucksOklahoma City ThunderPaycom Center
4/128:00 PMDenver NuggetsSan Antonio SpursAT&T Center
4/128:30 PMDetroit PistonsDallas MavericksAmerican Airlines Center
4/1210:00 PMNew Orleans PelicansGolden State WarriorsChase Center
4/1210:00 PMHouston RocketsPortland Trail BlazersModa Center
4/1210:30 PMUtah JazzLos Angeles Arena
4/1210:30 PMPhoenix SunsSacramento KingsGolden 1 Center
4/141:00 PMWashington WizardsBoston CelticsTD Garden
4/141:00 PMCharlotte HornetsCleveland CavaliersRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
4/141:00 PMAtlanta HawksIndiana PacersGainbridge Fieldhouse
4/141:00 PMToronto RaptorsMiami HeatKaseya Center
4/141:00 PMChicago BullsNew York KnicksMadison Square Garden (IV)
4/141:00 PMMilwaukee BucksOrlando MagicAmway Center
4/141:00 PMBrooklyn NetsPhiladelphia 76ersWells Fargo Center
4/143:30 PMUtah JazzGolden State WarriorsChase Center
4/143:30 PMHouston RocketsLos Angeles Arena
4/143:30 PMDenver NuggetsMemphis GrizzliesFedEx Forum
4/143:30 PMPhoenix SunsMinnesota TimberwolvesTarget Center
4/143:30 PMLos Angeles LakersNew Orleans PelicansSmoothie King Center
4/143:30 PMDallas MavericksOklahoma City ThunderPaycom Center
4/143:30 PMPortland Trail BlazersSacramento KingsGolden 1 Center
4/143:30 PMDetroit PistonsSan Antonio SpursAT&T Center


Crucial Scheduling Elements

Understanding the NBA Schedule Formula Before the 2023-2024 season, 1230 regular season games got lined up, with each team playing 82 games. This breakdown looked something like this: 16 games against division opponents. 24 or 12 games against conference opponents, based on a five-year rotation. 30 games against the opposite conference’s teams. However, the 2023-2024 season shifted gears with 1,200 regular season and tournament games planned, resulting in 80 games per team.

Yet, teams are still playing 82 games. The math? A mix of regular NBA season games and in-season tournament games. Court Availability Is Key Every team, roughly a month before the preceding regular season concludes, provides the NBA with a list. It lists 50 available dates for their home court and specific weekdays for telecasts.

Taking Breaks Seriously Certain days see no NBA action: Christmas eve The all-star game NCAA championship game Addressing Conflicts NHL games can create scheduling challenges, especially if teams share courts. These must be addressed. Balancing Broadcast Needs Game times may shift. The reason? Meeting the needs of NBA’s national TV partners like ABC, ESPN, and TNT. Spotlighting marquee matchups can influence the final schedule.

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A Peek into NBA Schedule’s Past

Matt Winick, responsible for shaping the schedule for the NBA for over 20 seasons, stepped down in September 2014. This man used an intricate system to value the dates provided by franchises. A point system, if you will, that encouraged availability. On average, teams played 3.5 games weekly, spanning 165-170 days for the regular season. However, Evan Wasch and Tom Carelli, the contemporary torchbearers, have delved into the availability across 29 arenas. Their mission? Reducing instances where a fatigued team squares off against a revitalized opponent. From the 2017-18 season, the schedule stretched to 176 days, marking an end to playing four games in five nights.

Shaking Things Up: The 2020-2021 72-Game Regular Season Format

Covid-19 redefined the schedule: 42 Intra-Conference Games 30 Inter-Conference Games Also, the Play-in Tournament was born, giving teams a shot at the last two playoff spots. In-Season Tournament: The Game Changer New to the 2023-24 season, the in-season tournament involves all 30 teams. And every win or loss here impacts the regular season record.

Why Should Teams Aim for The NBA Cup?

Beyond the prestige of the NBA Cup, players stand to gain financially. Rewards range from $500,000 for winners to $50,000 for quarterfinal exits. An MVP title and an all-tournament team selection are also on the cards.

Breaking Down the In-Season Tournament Format

The tournament is initiated with round-robin group play. Then, a single-elimination format kicks in for the last eight teams. Teams are grouped based on their previous season’s performance, ensuring fairness. arena Arena, Sports and entertainment center of the world.

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